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About Company

ProfitAlians Ltd is pleased to present a wide range of products and services of the largest Polish (European) manufacturers and service providers executing orders for the purposes of company. The counterparties with whom we cooperate are in the elite group of the most dynamically developing companies in Poland, some of the companies were honoured with Forbes Diamonds Certificate for their professionalism, occupy a high position in the ranking of “Puls Biznesu” newspaper and identified in the nomination “Gazele Biznesu”.

Our trade offer is very diverse - covering both goods and exclusive services of excellent quality. All of our products and services are characterized by high technical standard and high durability and reliability. They have also certificates and authorizations required in the Polish and European market.

ProfitAlians mission - to save your time and money

Our company is open to new solutions, offers its customers not only a wide range of products and services, but also attractive producer prices, quick execution of orders, flexible logistics. Also we are looking for products for you which are rare in the market.

ProfitAlians was founded from the need to:

  • save time and money of our customers located in the Eastern and European Markets in the area of their representation and execution of orders for them.
  • find suitable solutions for your business on the Export-Import of goods and services;
  • create maximum comfort at cooperation on the basis of universal ProfitAlians platform which at the same time would be able to solve all kinds of problems and meet expectations of that same customer, company, corporation;
  • provide a guarantee that commissioned orders will be executed with due diligence and at minimized settlements formalities.
  • share some features that are not practiced in the country of our customers.

We invite you to carefully read our offer. We hope that it will meet your expectations.